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giving real change,
not spare change



By the time that I was a year old, my mother and father were deceased. The sexual abuse by my uncle began when I was four years old. At age 13, I was sick and tired of being sick and tired of ongoing molestations and physical abuse. So, I sought a way to escape from the abuse and became homeless. Over the next 20 years, I moved from alcohol to marijuana to heroin to meth to crack cocaine. I was trying to find healing from the memories of my childhood trauma. Thanks to Grace Beyond Borders. They were always there for me, I was rescued, and I entered my first recovery program. I completed my first domestic violence and trauma recovery program in 2018. I continued my recovery and graduated from the Life Treatment Center in March 2019.

Because of YOU, I am writing some new and victorious chapters in my life storybook. You cared, so I am alive. You prayed for me, so I am living drug-free. You supported the mission of Grace Beyond Borders, so I am no longer homeless. More women like me are looking for freedom, healing, hope, and love! I needed YOU, and they need YOU too!” Thank you!




On February 13, 2020, I became homeless. I used the remaining money I had to book a room. I immediately called Mr. Marcus Martin and I received a nice visit from Grace Beyond Borders. Ms. Marcie and Mr. Marcus met me with some groceries and a small blessing bag. Speaking with Sylvia was a true blessing, the calm conversation killed the stress and panic. I began to rest as I began praying and reading the Word of God. Grace Beyond Borders is really doing God’s will. I’ve kept in touch with them by call or text just to let them know how I’m doing and to allow them to help me navigate my daily life.


I’m grateful to them, In my process of looking for an apartment I ran into possible scam but Grace Beyond Borders provided advice and insight to keep me from falling victim. I was blessed that a friend from my youth knew someone that would allow me to rent a basement apartment and on Wednesday March, 25, 2020 I was no longer homeless.

So, don’t lose hope, love, nor faith because your trials will push you further if you are willing to receive help. There are truly amazing people at Grace Beyond Borders that truly care.  

Thank you so much for all you’ve done for the love, compassion, and patience you showed me in my time of need. I hope I can also help others one day.



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