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365 days of grace

peer to peer 

“Hello, my name is Marilyn. I found myself in a horrible nightmare and desperate for the safety of my children. I never imagined that I would have to sleep at night in my SUV with my five girls, ages 10 years old and under: escaping domestic violence. I called emergency shelters everywhere, but the same response from each place – NO BEDS! But, when I called Grace Beyond Borders, they responded! The first thing that I was told, was that I would no longer have to sleep in my SUV! My children and I were rescued and provided with shelter, meals, and help!”

Each gift of only $3.65 provides one meal, $36.50 provides ten meals,

$365 provides meals and a night of shelter.

join a team & donate

$3.65 per person x 10 team members x 10 days = $ 365.00

All you have to do is create a team and multiply the number of members, including yourself, by how many days your team would like to donate by $3.65. The number that you get is the total number that your team will give through your preferred platform of giving. I can't tell you how much this means to the organization and the people we will be able to impact. Thank you for your compassionate heart and caring support!


-Marcus Martin, Founder 

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